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Was really wanting some shrimp & oysters....but didn't feel like going out in the rain.

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Wife & I had discussed going out for dinner over the weekend.   


The evening arrived and the hurricane that was pounding my family in Eastern North Carolina was pushing rain and wind our way.  She agreed seafood was in order, but no longer wanted to go out for it.


Heck....I'd rather stay at home and cook anyway.  


So.........a quick trip to a great local spot that always has anything I'd ever want to cook.....got to use 4WD for part of the rainy trip :)





Some folks like heat.....some don't.......here are there options at my table.








Only one option on what I bread my seafood with...since I was riding a bike.  It's already seasoned and super simple to use.....and always perfect.












This goodness went into the hush puppies.









I love some hot sauce or cocktail sauce on shrimp........and tartar sauce on fried oysters.















My plate......everyone else wanted salads or tacos.  They can have 'em.   My eats are straight up.








No crowded restaurant to deal with......good music and cold suds and my dogs hanging around wanting to see what was coming their way.


Family loved it.






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