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    • By Smokingdadbbq
      Mostly butter and brown sugar but there was some fruit involved for this cook so I think it counts 
      baked at about 400 for 35 min ... no smoke this time around lol

    • By MD_Ag
      I had in mind to make something with peaches, and then I saw this month's challenge. Perfect timing. Then I saw the recent Food Wishes post for "Baltimore Peach Cake", which confused me for two reasons. First, I'd never heard it called that, I suppose for the same reason no one in Houston would ask for "Texas Brisket". Secondly, it just didn't look like my grandmother's peach cake. Too thick, too bready. Luckily, I had her recipe in an archive, so here we go.


      For the peaches, I recommend some that haven't ripened yet so they'll slice easier. Since my cast iron wasn't quite big enough, I did use a regular pan for the leftovers and tossed it in the oven. You know, compare and contrast. Even though I used baking powder as the rising agent, it puffed up way more than I remember as a kid. I wonder if Granny used less. I'm also trying to remember if she left it a bit doughy and under-baked, more like a Danish pastry. Anyway, plate with some homemade whipped cream and sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon sugar.
      Since I still had some peaches left over,  I chopped them up to make a peach salsa. Peaches, a bit of onion, green pepper, lime juice, honey, and cilantro. Shrimp were marinated in olive oil, lime juice, cayenne, chili powder, and sweet pepper sauce. Grill until done, then make tacos with the salsa and some crunchy slaw. Corn was also grilled and served with butter and Old Bay.

    • By MD_Ag
      I wasn't kidding when I said I was looking forward to a Great British Bake-off / Kamado crossover. I've wanted to do a tarte tatin for a while, but it is an intimidating dish.  Turns out I should have done this long ago. The natural sweetness of the apples combines with the buttery pastry and kamado smoke to create an excellent dessert. The Mrs. was very pleased.

      It all started with a from scratch puff pastry. A real one, not a rough puff. The dough is fairly simple, but the magic comes from the sandwiched layers of butter. I did two regular turns, then a book turn, then a final turn. Each process needed an hour in the fridge to cool.

      Now for the filling. A simple caramel was made from 235 g of sugar and half a cup of water. You're looking for a lighter brown color. Once done, pour directly into the skillet (pre-greased with 1 tbsp butter).

      Important note: no matter how good the caramel looks, do not try to get a swipe with your finger. You will get a bad blister immediately. The caramel will, however, taste delicious.
      The apples were honey crisp.  I believe I used five (probably should have used at least one more).  Used a quick corer, then cut the wedges in half. Arrange the bottom layer on top of the caramel in a nice pattern, since this is basically an upside down cake. Then pile the rest of the apples in.

      Roll out the dough to cover the entire skillet. Cut off the excess, but leave enough that you can tuck the edges down between the apples and the side. While the tart was cooking, I used the excess dough to make some quick cinnamon turnovers.

      Now assembled, put on the grill at 400-425°. Bake for about 40 minutes and check for doneness. I went for 45 overall.

      Allow the tart to cool, then the moment of truth: turning it out. Any extra juices should be poured back over the apples.

      While the grill was still hot, I cooked up some bacon wrapped sweet and sour shrimp. A slice of tarte tatin and a glass of port was a great end to this celebratory meal.

    • By MD_Ag
      For some strange reason I made this tougher on myself. Not only was the whole meal homemade, and a good bit homegrown, I tried to have everything fit an Italian theme. Heck, even our tablecloth was made in Italy.  I took so many photos, so first things first, the finished meal:

      The meal took two days to bring together. The prep, in roughly chronological order, follows. Exact recipes will be in follow up posts to keep the length of this one down.
      1) Ciabatta Rolls
      Mixed together some flour, water, and yeast to make a biga. Let that sit for nine hours. Afterward, mix in more water, flour, sugar, salt, oil, and milk. Knead (hopefully with a machine of some kind) then let rise for an hour.

      Most recipes call for loaves, but I like rolls. However, I can never seem to shape and size them right. Let's just call them extra rustic. Let the rolls rise for another half hour, then bake around 450°F. Preferably not in a thunderstorm like I did.

      Twenty minutes had them fully cooked with a nice brown bottom crust.

      I don't think the conventional oven could have done better.
      2) Lemon Tart
      A Mary Berry recipe. Many lemons, even more eggs.  This was all done while letting the biga form.  The dough was brought together in a food processor. Then I (badly) turned it out into my dish. As always, don't forget to blind bake!

      Next, the lemons were juiced.

      Finally, all the filling ingredients were mixed together until smooth, then poured into the fully cooled shell.

      Bake for the listed 40 minutes, then another 10 to not end up with soup. And yes, I did switch my oven over to Celsius for this part!

      3) Peposa (modified from Food Wishes)
      Bought six pre-trimmed short ribs that came to three pounds total. Made a garlic tomato glaze using some marinara sauce I made from scratch two days ago.

      Coated the ribs in salt, then the garlic sauce, then a whole bunch of pepper.

      Added about two cups of a  chianti and some herbs, then moved to the grill with the hope of a moderate simmer.

      After an hour and a half added some more wine and covered the dish to start the braising. I didn't rotate as often as I should have, but they became plenty tender and the bones pulled out cleanly. After about four hours total, I removed the meat and left the sauce uncovered to reduce.
      4) Panzanella
      Took three of the more misshapen ciabatta rolls and sliced in half, brushing some olive oil on each side.

      These were then toasted on the grill.

      The misses chopped up some of her homegrown tomatoes, then combined with pieces of the toasted rolls, along with some olive oil, balsamic, salt, pepper, and fresh basil and oregano.

      5) Squash in Cream Sauce
      Green and yellow squash (yellow homegrown) were sliced, then tossed with olive oil and fresh basil and oregano.

      Place into a foil bag, and roast.

      While waiting, a mix of heavy cream, goat cheese, and a splash a milk was heated along with a good stalk of basil.

      Once the squash was done on the grill, toss it in the sauce.

      And that is how we ended up with tonight's meal, where my father-in-law joined us to celebrate the upcoming birth (December is upcoming, right? ) of our first child.
      Things I've learned from this challenge:
      - Good quality microwavable veggies are a godsend.
      -If a period piece ever shows a cook not working, it's a lie.
      - Lemon pie for breakfast is awesome. Ok, I already knew that one.
    • By St1brew
      Okay, @KismetKamado I've heard you loud and clear. So I was attempting wings, rings and mozzarella sticks. However disaster struck when I was trying to put them on the grill. Oh well, made adjustments on the fly and it turned out nicely to say the least. Started with the wings; marrinated for a few hours in about a quarter cup pure NH maple syrup, quarter cup Gansett, salt and pepper, garlic flakes, cilantro and a pinch of turmeric. In the fridge they went. Then I cut up my onion rings, mushrooms, and opened the mozzarella cheese. Dredged through egg wash, flour and a homemade pretzel bread crumbs coating.(salted pretzels, black pepper, garlic, onion and cilantro. Ran food processor on chop then purree.) Set up grill for indirect cooking at 350. Took wings out of marrinade and coated with famous Dave's spicy hot chicken rub. Wings go on the grill. Go to get my cheese sticks and veggies. Got 1 mushroom,  3 onion rings and 3 cheese sticks on to doubled over lightly oiled hd aluminum foil. The rest went all over my porch. Then the mozzarella turned into a melted glob of cheese. So I went inside and cored out a red pepper to stuff the cheese into. It went directly onto the coals as I was looking for a nice char on it. Sauce was applied to wings last 30 minutes and turned with a reapplication of sauce. Suace: 1 bottle Anchor Bar medium wing sauce, quarter stick butter, black pepper, garlic, cilantro and a pinch of chipotle. Cooked for almost 2 hours at 350° until no pink when peeled from bone and internal temp of 165. Did it over 2 small chunks of pecan. Nice crisp skin and fall off the bone wings. Everything was very good, my wife and I both really enjoyed the red pepper bomb! It was a ton of fun. 

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