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Greetings from New England


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Hello all, I recently came across this forum, decided it would be beneficial to join, learn something new and share my expertise with my Kamado cookers. I live in central Massachusetts and have owned a few Kamado grills since 2010. I started out with a Bayou Classic Cypress which has recently received some new life and ownership in the hands of a fellow bbq brethren who repaired a crack in the lid. It was a decent enough grill, no BGE but okay for the price and it served me well through the years.


The acquisition of the BC Cypress came about after wanting to get back to charcoal grilling, visiting Lowe's for a Weber Kettle and coming home with this monster ceramic. Continue reading for the irony in this decision. 


Shortly after I purchased the Bayou Classic I also bought a Bubba Keg which was being cleared out of inventory from Home Depot.  I don't think I need to explain the need for multiple cookers. The Bubba Keg quickly became my go to cooker and was used for many years until the fatal lid crack last year in the BC Cypress. I could have lived with just the Keg but felt the need to replace the BC to keep my Kamado count at two. I researched non ceramic Kamados and took a chance on a virtually unknown brand that has turned out to be the best purchase I've ever made. 


And that would be my Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker. I can't say enough positive things about this cooker, it is phenomenal and is a pleasure to cook on. The folks at Goldens' Foundry in Columbus GA have been fantastic to deal with. I'm active over on the brethren site and don't know of any other Goldens' owners. Members are always interested to find out how it cooks, does it rust, how much does it weigh, etc.  It's now become my go to cooker and I'll try to post as many cooks as I can from it. If folks want info about it, I'll be happy to answer any questions. 


I had thoughts of retiring the Bubba Keg as it was looking a bit tired and had developed some rust through under the base, but I couldn't put it out to pasture. I recently repaired the rust and repainted it so it's back in my rotation, functioning every bit as well as it once did and is getting a lot more use these days. 


To round out my arsenal, I also have an 18" Weber Kettle which I acquired only a few weeks ago after a neighbor had tossed it to the curb. I couldn't let a perfectly good Weber be sent to the dump, so I refurbished it. Looks like new and cooks every bit as good as I would have expected. And the timing comes just as I was sending the Bayou Classic off to its new owner, so I finally got my Weber Kettle. 


I normally make use of the grills at least 3 or 4 times per week all year long. One of the first areas I shovel in winter is a path to the grills. I'd like to use them more but leftovers dictate how often I can grill !


I'm pleased to have found this forum, will post as much as time allows. 


Thanks for reading this.



-Dom (aka lunchman)




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34 minutes ago, lunchman said:

As a first post topic, I placed a review of the Goldens' in the Other Kamados review area. There's always a lot of interest in this cooker. 



thx man

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Welcome, glad to have you and your Goldens with us. Gotta admit I have never seen a Goldens before, but what a nice looking cooker. I looked it up and found their main web site. Very kewl indeed. Here is a link to the Golden home page for those that want to check it out. I am looking forward to seeing your cook posts. Right now we are doing a chicken challenge. You can find it under challenges in the forum index. Love to see a cook on your kewl grill. 



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I’ve been lookkng to upgrade my Akorn. I know everything has it’s advantages and disadvantages. But, I have to say The Goldens looks appealing. I wanted to wait for more reviews and hear from owners. Glad to hear good things about the Goldens.


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