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A Simple Spatched Bird

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I kept things simple tonight.  I butterflied and salted the bird before work this morning and left it uncovered in the fridge.  When I got home, I blotted it dry and seasoned with salt and pepper.  Cooked raised indirect (275-325F during the cook) with some cherry wood until the breast hit 155F.  Total cook time was just short of 2 hours. Super tasty.  Thanks for looking.





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Thanks Everyone.  It was a nice bird. 


Here are a few more chicken cooks from last week.


Cherry smoked and sauced chicken thighs with a pot of baked beans.  These beans took forever and a day to cook.  I ended up putting them in my slow cooker and having them the next day. 



A nice 3lb bird with some salt, pepper, and a touch of pecan smoke with some roast potatoes.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the string on well enough and it came off mid cook.  It is much easier to handle with the legs trussed.



Thanks for looking.

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