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Super Dave

Big Green Egg and strong winds

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Your bigger problem would be being distracted by the scenery that you start burning things because you spent too much time watching the sunset.:-)


You can build a windscreen, make sure it’s counter weighted so it stands up.  This will reduce wind problems.  

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Hello and Welcome to both you and your Egg, we are glad to have you both with us. I also cook on a Large BGE and absolutely love it. I have been cooking on mine for the better part of 5 years, and although the gasket is a bit thinner, I have not had a single issue. When you purchase yours, make sure you keep all the paper work from your sale in a file in a safe place as if you ever have a warranty claim BGE will ask for that. Also, as soon as you get your Egg home, call BGE Corporate (known by Eggers as the Mother Ship) The number is 1(800) 793-2292. You will want to speak with Bruce in Warranty to register your grill or you can do it on line at their website. . Bottom line all your ceramics with the exception of the place setter, pizza stones, and top vent snuff cap, have a life time warranty. This includes the outer case kettle, dome, and internally the fire box and fire ring. IMO you bought a great kamado. Good choice. As far as accessories go the thermometers mentioned are a very good choice. However, truly the best accessory I have is the Adjustable Rack (AR) from Ceramic Grill Store (CGS). Here is a link to them




I actually run a Vision AR Spider Combo, which as the name implies was designed for a Vision grill. However internally a Vision B and a BGE are pretty much identical in terms of size and dome tapper. The nice thing about the Spider Combo is that the spider, which holds a pizza stone deflector below your main grate,  is that it is  directly welded to the AR which allows you to place and remove the whole unit in one motion. The AR will give your Egg all kinds of versatile set up options for grates, stones, sliding racks, and so on. I recommend talking to Tom at CGS, he is a great guy and will help you figure out what you want to do with your EGG. I highly recommend using the AR and deflector stones over the BGE traditional place setter or Eggorator or what ever they call it now.  Also I highly recommend a compact metal rolling table over the standard Egg Stand. The stands are not too stable IMO and can easily tip over when you move them. Here is a picture of the table I use. It is a knock off of a high end table but works extremely well. My table is made by a company called Asolo. I also recommend the little nest that you can see below my Egg. It is called a table nest and made by BGE, it provides an air space between the bottom of your main case and the surface you set it on. This keeps your Egg from transferring all of its heat to the surface it sits on.  I cook with a  Gen 2 Kick  made to fit a BGE Large. Next to my AR it is one of the best and most useful  accessories I have. I highly recommend the KAB the Gen 2 is made of heavy duty rod and looks like it will last forever. I believe they may even make a stainless model now.    I live in the high desert and often have high winds with gusts of 20 and higher. With a rolling table you can easily and safely move your EGG to the best position and direction to avoid putting the main vent directly into the wind. I would get a bensomatic lighter and I recommend BGE fire cubes. I have lit my EGG in the middle of monsoon rain storms, high winds, snow storms, you name it. As John stated with strong winds you can get some temp deviation, but that won's stops you from cooking. I find that turning my Egg out of the wind and positioning it in the lee of my house usually works.  If you have any questions or need some help, just PM me. I will be happy to help you. 






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