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Gumbo's Big Joe Table Build "Complete!!!"


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I have a Kamado Joe Big Joe still in the box in need of a table. I bought the stainless trim model without the stand to keep the cost down knowing I would build a table for it.

I bought treated lumber for the table and set in on slats to dry while I figured out how I would build this thing. I want my table to include an enclosed cabinet to put my Big Joe accessories out of view when not in use. I also want it to be mobile so when I do a cook with lots of smoke, I can wheel it out from under my patio cover to an uncovered cooking area. It's a short distance and all on concrete.

The wood drying on slats. Treated 1X4's and 1X6's were added a couple of days later.


The basic sketch


The tools I will use plus a table saw and jig saw.


Have to start somewhere. Start with a square bottom shelf.


Here come the legs!!!


Still keeping things square.


Making some headway. Time to secure the legs.


Had to buy a long 3/8" bit for the 5" distance. The only tool purchase so far. I actually could have used my long 1/4" bit to drill a pilot hole then drill through it with my 3/8" from both sides. Nah, buy a new bit. :)


Two 3 1/2" deck screws (done while legs were lying flat on ground) then two 1/4" by 4" stainless lag screws, and finally a 3/8 " by 6" stainless bolt with locking washer and nut.


Voila!!! My Table is right side up and ready for top frame. :) I attached 5/4" by 6" decking on each end to strengthen the frame and help keep it square.


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Having a bit of trouble getting photobucket to update pictures. A couple of pics were auto cropped I guess. Have more to post. I have worked on it for about two days now. Mostly just thinking it through so I don't have to undo something out of place. Actually I already did that. It was a 2X4 I placed behind the 1X6 on the bottom shelf. It ended up being in the way of the bolt and a couple of screws. That's the only thing so far. "SO FAR" haha )

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Talk aout sturdy! I'm thinking that your table long after the North Koreans bomb us back into the Stoneage!

I over build everything and can't just slap something together. My limited build knowledge causes me to work very slow trying to be precise. Measure 5 times and cut once. :lol:

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Begin framing the top. I am working alone so the clamps serve as an extra set of hands.


Now I'm trying to figure out where the inside cabinet wall will be placed.


Almost done with outer frame.


Cabinet frame is set in place.


Laying out the floor.


An idea of what it will look like.


Framing slats for outer walls of cabinet.


Spacing out the floor boards.


More exterior slats installed


Floor installed. Now laying out back of cabinet.


Inside view of the back of cabinet.


Outside view of the back of cabinet.


That's where I am as of 4/3/13... Not sure when I will be able to work on it again. Busy busy and have to work this Saturday. Also I'm waiting on my stainless steel socks to be fabricated. Yes! stainless steel socks for each leg, with a heavy duty caster mounted on them.

3 1/2" 350 lb double locking casters.


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Great Job Gumbo. That certainly won't be flimsy. I really enjoy the pictures as this table comes together. Please keep them coming. (In fact why don't you take the next few days off from work..so you can finish it for us.) :D

I plan to start cutting wood for mine today...and after seeing your pictures I will make a few 'design' changes. Keep up the good work!

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