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Simple Oven Baked Chicken


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For this cook I used my Wood Fired Oven. 





Simple fresh ingredients. I did not use the bag but the seasoning that comes with it tastes really good. Cooked in my hand crafted ceramic dish from Portugal. 





Cut up the vegetables. Added a cup of water and the bag seasoning. Covered with foil and in the WFO to give the vegetables a head start. 




While that was going on I spatch cocked the bird and rubbed it with oil and Crazy Chic seasoning. After 20 minutes I pulled out the vegetables, added the Pioneer gravy and the bird skin side down. Into the WFO it went uncovered. 




Thirty minutes later the bottom had some nice color. I turned it over skin side up then back into the WFO. 




Another 30 minutes and top side had some nice crispy skin. Dinner is ready. 




A simple Oven roasted chicken that could easily be done on just about any grill or even your kitchen oven. (I forgot how to use my kitchen oven it's been so long - LOL). 


This is the second time I've done this cook in the WFO. Both me and Mrs skreef like this better than KK rotisserie chicken and that's saying a lot since KK rotisserie chicken is some of the best chicken I've ever cooked. 




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Wow, that looks awesome.  I love comfort food, and this would hit the spot.



You mentioned forgetting how to use your oven, I was cooking dinner the other night and the boys said they wanted chicken nuggets.  Instead of fighting them to eat something they didn’t want, I threw them in the KJ with our chicken kabobs.  My wife asked me if I planned on starting the kids dinner anytime soon, and I told her it was almost done.  I’m pretty sure there was a bit of annoyance in her chuckle when I brought them in off the grill.

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On 10/9/2018 at 2:42 PM, keeperovdeflame said:

Ck, Beautiful chicken, Sir.  I missed the fact you now have a WFO. Who makes your oven? Did it come assembled or did you have to build it? Want one BAD, Need is way overrated!


Yeah if I only bought things I needed I wouldn't own much.  The oven was built in Portugal by a company called Impex Fire. I bought it from one of their distributors AuthenticPizzaOvens in AR. It came fully assembled, crated on a pallet. It weighs a touch over 1,500 lbs so I borrowed a service truck from work that has a boom lift to get it in place. It's the only reasonably priced WFO that had the look I was going for. Anyway WFO's are not for everyday use but definitely a fun way of cooking. 


Search under my name. There is a full installation thread and a crazy delivery thread. 


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On 10/8/2018 at 10:36 PM, Smoke and Awe said:

I really want to be, I AM appreciative and encouraging, but there's also a bit of envy mixed in because this kind of meal is what I was going for when I started the whole clay oven kamado cooking thing.  I'm happy to enjoy it from afar though, and super entry for starters.


TY @Smoke and Awe. This is definitely a cook that would work in a Kamado. 

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2 hours ago, Ron5850 said:

That looks like one beautiful looking chicken. I bet anything that comes out of that oven just gets kicked up a few notches.


It's all about the fun factor. Kamados were originally about the fun factor. Now they are the every day cooking. The fun factor is the WFO and Konro. 


Most people are in the Kamado fun factor stage. Eventually they will understand this post. 



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