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Getting back into the kamado!


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Hell, I'd be surprised if anybody remembered me.  I've been ridiculously busy with various projects and work.  I was very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and scored a FREE 1998 Ford Explorer Limited (with a 5.0 V8!).  It was in pretty rough shape but ran very nice.  I cleaned it up and it's now my BBQ hauling vehicle!  Among the things I use it for is hauling my crap out to BBQ competitions.  Speaking of which; we participated in a BBQ comp in August and took 3rd in Chicken and 3rd in Ribs!  We need some work but we were thrilled with the results.  And then to complicate life even more, my wife and I purchased a vacation property on a local lake!  This place has consumed my weekends between fixing it up, going out kayaking, and grilling while watching college football games.  Sadly, I only have a gas grill and a gas smoker out there.  I'd love a kamado grill to keep at the lake but I don't believe the Ministry of Finance (the wife) will approve of that.  I'm also VP of my car club, and that eats up a ton of time on the weekends too!


But, it's the car club that actually got me to pull the kamado out of the garage and fired up for a low and slow.  We have a Christmas party  every year; the club provides the meats and club members bring covered dishes.  We've had issues with turkey in recent history with some sources falling through or not being reliable with timing.  I was asked if there was anything I could do to help with the turkey.  Well why not!  I figured I could fit a ton of turkey breast on my kamado and turn out some Franklin BBQ style product.  It happened that this week turkey breast is on sale, so my wife picked up for me to experiment with.


Yesterday, I set to try it out.  There was some learning involved.  I learned that what my wife purchased was basically a turkey without the thighs and legs.  I had to figure out how to trim the breasts off (Usually as far as I go with poultry is spatch-cocking chicken).  The breasts didn't look too awesome after my weak butchering attempt, but hell, I could work with it.  I then seasoned the turkey breasts with a mixture of course ground pepper and seasoning salt in a rough ratio of 2:1, as recommended by Aaron Franklin in his book.  I fired up the smoker and chased the temps a little bit but managed to keep it between 200 and 270 with my CyberQ.


So Aaron Franklin recommends 3.5 to 4 hours at 260 degrees.  In his book he says to pull the meat for wrapping with butter when it starts getting that golden brown color, and pull it to rest at 160 degrees.  I have a feeling that he is typically working with larger breasts than I was.  Mine seemed to be cooking quite a bit quicker and I pulled them at 145 degrees to wrap separately with a half stick of butter each.  I then pulled them to rest at 163 degrees.


I am thrilled with how they came out!  Very moist and very flavorful.  I am a little disappointed that there was no smoke flavor in the meat.  I didn't add any smoking/flavor woods to my charcoal as I was hoping for a very mellow hint of smoke that my wife would enjoy.  I ended up with zero smoke flavor.  But it still tasted great!  I poured off all of the juices to reserve for gravy.


I think I'm going to see if I can get some large boneless/skinless turkey breasts from Restaurant Depot for our club's Christmas party.  I hope I can source the breast this way to make the food prep much easier.


Here is the cooking graph:



And the results!


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Of course we remember you!  I was thinking about you and your hot dog machine just the other day (bizarre, I know..... I think it’s because of the any grill will do challenge this month....) and was wondering what you had been up to.  Thanks for checking in. Sounds like the turkey cook will be a hit. 

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@TKOBBQ - HOLY CRAP!  That is perfect.  The perfect year and color combo!  I love it!


At everybody else - thanks for the kind words and the welcome back.  I have a freezer load of meat to put on the smoker and I need to get to it!

1 pork shoulder

1 brisket

2 chickens

2 racks of ribs

2 corned beef


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