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How long to Sous Vide a roast?


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On 10/9/2018 at 12:42 PM, just4fn said:

 I'm thinking 20 hours at 125.  What do you gurus think?

To answer the OP's original question, above; carefully read the information in the links in previous posts and do an Internet search on sous vide beef roast times or other phrases of your choice.


I've looked at all of my SV time and temperature charts.  I can find temperatures as low as 120°F for steaks, but nothing like 125°F for roasts.  For a first cook I recommend that you do 135°F for 24 hours.

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I have done a top round roast at 136 fo 30 hr and then seared on a screaming hot Joe jr, while not fork tender it was substantially more tender than I have ever been able to achive on a grill.



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I'm late to the party on this........... but bacteria lives on the surfaces of meat, not inside as a rule..... there are exceptions like salmonella in chicken, but I'm pretty comfortable with beef, lamb, and pork purchased in this country.    125 is awfully rare, and if I were to do that, I would first drop the meat in the deep fat fryer for a minute or two to kill surface microbes.



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