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Hurricane Michael


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We had a vacation already planed for this week. We decided to leave a day early to get out of town before the storm. 


We're still on vacation, but got some pictures from our neighbor. Our house looks undamaged but my car took a hit. 




Could have been much worse. There are about 5 or 6 trees down across our road, effectively blocking ingress or egress. 


@ckreef @skreef how did you guys fair? Anyone else in the path?

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Well it turned out to be much worse then expected here in VA. I lost power, cable internet and cell service Thursday night and didn't get it back until Saturday afternoon. I have a backup generator so I had power in the house but with no internet and no phone I really felt isolated, couldn't even call to see how everyone else was doing.

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I Basically slept through the worst of it. When I woke up at 3 am with no poerr/air conditioner I checked the weather map. The eye of the storm was directly passing over the house. Figured we'd be out of power for a few days so decided to eat our way through the most expensive cuts in the freezer. With that in mind Fired up the KK at 4 am. Small brisket went on at 5 am. U-5 shrimp stuffed with bay scallops for lunch and the brisket for dinner. Power came back on while we were eating brisket by candle light later that evening. 


I guess we faired OK. Sorry to see your car. 


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I caught up with the storm, on a business trip as it passed thru VA.


Lots of ties and vacations for our family in the Panhandle, PC to Pensacola. Not too keen on news from the area after our favorite spot at Navarre beach was radically changed after the hurricanes of 2005. The National Seashore is still recovering near Pensacola.

Both are still in a minor recovery mode.



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