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Hurricane Michael


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Hey everyone. Still digging out. We got power back Monday. Internet will be down for weeks, they are saying mid November. 


I got the front yard cleared and most of the back. My debris pile is 90x8x6 and growing. 


Pecan orchards look like was zoned. A friend lost all 100 of their trees. The orchard near us looks like about 80% of the trees were uprooted. 


Grocery stores are are beginning to stock up. Schools will be closed at least through Tuesday, probably longer. Getting food to the schools is a big issue right now. 


Busses wont be able to get to many areas. A lot of roads have debris piled up 6’ high on both sides. It’s like driving down a bobsled track.  

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4 hours ago, ckreef said:

Sounds like you all got hit really. I just have to ask - Did the KK make it through the hurricane? 



LOL Both the KK and the KJ made it. I wouldn't have buried that lede. 


We had to throw out all of the food in our fridges and freezers - except one pack of chicken breasts. It was buried down at the bottom and was still frozen solid. Those went on the KK one of the nights we were without power.

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Slowly getting back to normal. Cleared most of the debris from the yard. Got the tree off the storage building (a few dents in the metal roof), off of my car (totaled), and had two large pines cut down (both had broken at the top, but the broken parts were hung up). Replaced the mailbox post and bought a new car to replace my crushed one. 


Geico was quick to respond and take care of my car. Homeowners is through Travellers and they’ve not been nearly as responsive. The adjuster won’t be here for another week and a half. Not a huge deal since we didn’t have any critical damages. 


Internet, through Mediacom, is still at least a week away, probably two. They are saying up to 4-5 weeks is worst case. 

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