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Hello from Norcross, Georgia

Kyle 30092

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Hi Guys & Gals,


Excited to be a official member of the forum and keep up with all the good advice. Had a Primo grill about 15 years ago (got it right from the factory!) but never used it much. Moved over to some Weber gas and kettle grills-which are excellent and added a stick smoker last year.

While I love the stick smoker-It is a love/hate relationship, since it requires so much attention. My electric smoker was set and forget, where the stick smoker constantly needs adjusting. My neighbors all have BGE's and I love the simplicity of the Kamado grills. 


A few weeks ago I was in Sam's Club walking the aisles for some exercise (I'm not even a member but was travelling in Mobile and it was close to my hotel) and saw their Vision B grill on sale. Unfortunately they were out of stock but it get me to start checking out some Sam's Club's and I even called their 800 number to see if any were around. Unfortunately they were sold out everywhere. 


I'm located in the back yard of BGE, Kamado Joe (my daughter went to high school with owners son), Primo and a company called Grill Dome. I checked out Grill Dome and really liked their grills but just wasn't ready to pull the trigger and add another grill to my small collection!


Then my local Home Depot had their Kamado Joe's marked down from around $1200 to $980-still to pricey for me compared to a Vision on Sam's Club website at $499. A few weeks went by and they marked them down again to $840 and got the manager to knock another $40 off and grabbed one already assembled (I would much prefer to assemble it myself but this made life easy). 


So long introduction but enjoyed a few nice Ribeye's on the Joe last night and looking forward to venturing out! 





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Welcome Kyle, glad to have you and your Joe with us. Great story about your actual return to kamado cooking. Enjoy getting to know your Joe and the forum conversation as well. One thing that comes to mind, seeing as how your grill was assembled by Home Depot employees, I would check all of bolts on the bands and hinge assembly, first; to establish they were on straight and not misaligned, and second;  to make sure they are exceedingly tight.  A grill on display and actually using it presents  two different levels of wear and stress, so you want to know your grill is properly set up for use.  Happy Cooking, and Congratulations of your purchase of a truly fine kamado grill. 

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Welcome. Sounds like you got a great deal. I also got a great deal on my KJ Classic. $200 off at Field and Stream. I did not have any problems with the assembly of the frill, but when I checked the bands. I found that I had ot get an allen wrench to hold the bold while I tightened the nut.

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Good point about looking over the assembly specs. I almost always prefer to do this myself since I know it was done right or wrong for that manner!  

I did take a few minutes to calibrate my theromoter today-only off about 10 degrees but will check the bolts and band alignment next few days. 

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