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Need advice, Jr with smoke escaping

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Need advice. During our high-heat cook tonight, around 650F, there was quite a bit of smoke escaping from one side on our Jr. It’s only a couple of months old, and I don’t think it’s done it before, but we usually do indirect and lower temps. Anything I should do? I don’t see anything obvious going on with the gasket.

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On my KJ Classic, I get some smoke escaping around the front of the grill. I need to replace the gasket, just haven't gotten around to it. I was able to hold a steady 240* for a low and slow this last weekend and it shuts down with no problem.

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I wasn't a thermodynamics major so take this FWIW. But I have to imagine that a 650 degree fire in a very small, mostly closed space generates an enormous amount of force/pressure, whatever you want to call it as that heat looks to escape. When I get my big Akorn that hot and then close the vents it will belch smoke out of every possible orifice. Doesn't affect her performance though, I can still hold temps and shut the fire down with the vents. As others have said, pinch the gaskets and cook on.

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