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Middle Eastern Chicken Kebabs on a bed of Saffron Rice


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I looked for a recipe I could cook hot and fast using my charcoal chimney as a cooker.  This recipe looked perfect https://www.onceuponachef.com/recipes/middle-eastern-chicken-kebabs.html

Threaded chicken and onions on my skewers and marinated overnight in the fridge.  I was a little ambitious about how many skewers would fit on my chimney so I had to do a lot of tending, turning and moving things around.   Doing this recipe on the Joe would have been a lot easier, but I already shot that bullet for the Chicken challenge.  Made some Basmati rice with a big pinch of saffron threads then added some toasted pine nuts and some raisins I soaked for a couple of hours in Meyers Rum and used that for a bed to serve the chicken kebabs and onions on.  Very good dinner.










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21 minutes ago, Smoke and Awe said:

Amazing idea, I think I could even do that, didn't think of a charcoal chimney as a cooker, but you did!  Sounds like a delicious recipe for all.  

I will do this recipe again, on the Joe.  It's really good and deserves to be done on something with more control.  I think next time I will put the chicken chunks and onion slices in the sauce overnight before threading them on the skewers.  A little messier, but a little more penetration.

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