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Weeknight Pork and Potato Dinner


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I've been interested in trying to put together more "kamado meals". It's easy to throw a brisket or pork shoulder on and figure some sides out during the twelve hours you have to wait. But what if it's a weekday evening and you need to start from scratch? And you want to include dessert?


I started with a sweetened shortcrust pastry dough so it could sit in the fridge during the rest of the prep. Next, I cut a small (~3 lb) pork roast in half long ways, then sliced that into eight medallions. These were coated in a spicy southwest rub, then wrapped in bacon. Those went in the fridge to marinate.



The small potatoes (got a mix of red, yellow, and purple) were cut into even smaller pieces. Not sure if they count as diced. These were tossed with a bit of rub and half a diced onion.


To start the cook, four slices of bacon were placed on the cast iron I had already placed in the grill. After a few minutes to render, the potatoes were added and the pork medallions placed on top. I cooked them until the probe showed 150 internal, flipping once.



While that was going on, I rolled out the pastry dough to make some rustic apple dumplings. "Rustic" here means too lazy to peel. While my wife and I ate the main course, the dumplings were on a 40 minute timer. Probably could have used an extra ten. They completely fell apart, but honestly, the taste of an apple dumpling is the most important part. Any combination of dough, apple, butter, and brown sugar will work.







I started the prep around three, we ate the meal around 5:15 and had dessert around 6:15. Not too bad for timing, and some could be saved with night before prep. I was also pleased with the new Nomex felt keeping all the heat in.


Thanks for reading!

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Wonderful looking cook. I bet those potatoes came out fabulous in that cast iron skillet catching the wonderful drippings of the pork and bacon. I also love the idea of doing apple dumplings on the kamado.

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