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I smoked a chuck clod heart again yesterday. I tried going 5 degrees higher internal temp which was to much. 125 yielded more of a medium than a medium rare after the rest. I will go back to 120 from now on. Regardless, i had some leftover salsa verde/habenero salsa mix leftover from my last ABT's. I decided to spread it on tortillas with thin slices of the smoked chuck roast and make pinwheels. OMG these are good! New future potluck item. Easy to make and very different. 


Cream cheese proportions:


+Great Value whipped cream cheese: 

12 oz.

+Great Value Salsa Verde medium:


+ZaaschiLa Salsa Habanero:



Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. The whipped cream cheese is much easier to mix and doesn't require softening. 


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