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Unspun Chicken Enchiladas

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So wanted to spin a chicken yesterday on the KK....  However, I hadn’t worked out my roti setup yet and needed a motor shaft trim prior to spinning. Took care of that today, but punted with the chicken cook yesterday and just roasted it on the KK. Turned it into chicken enchiladas today. 




Seasoned up with some fajita type rub and roasted on the kk. Temp came up to closer to 350 during cook. 




Pulled meat of the bird last night and then heated up today with some green chiles and onions and green salsa. 




Stuffed and wrapped inside tortillas and nestled in a roasting pan. 




I use my oven so infrequently anymore that I forgot I had a convection setting. Cheese started to bubble and brown nicely once I engaged that. 






Meanwhile I had some chunked up pork simmering in a green tomatillo sauce with chopped up Chile’s. 




Pulled the enchiladas and let them set for a bit prior to serving so they weren’t surface of the sun hot. 




While they cooled, shredded up my pork. Will put this to use at work this week. The guys are quite fond of a nice tortilla soup. 




Enchiladas were ready to serve. A tasty meal with leftovers for Mr. KK’s lunch. 





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21 hours ago, Ben S said:

Yes please


Too late. All gone.... :)


17 hours ago, Scott Roberts said:

Nicely done KK!!




Thanks, Scott!  Looking forward to spinning the next bird. 


2 hours ago, Panchango said:

Those look great.  I need to make some enchiladas again.


Thanks, Panchango!  Hadn’t done this for awhile and it was a welcome change. 


7 minutes ago, Rob_grill_apprentice said:

Looks awesome 


Thanks, Rob!  :)



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