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Patriotic eats on a most important eve.......

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I sure hope that Christians,  Joe Tax Payer & Joe Hunter show up bigly tomorrow.
Figured I'd cook some All-American eats tonight.......burgers & brats.
First step was to conjure up some proper burger sauce.
Hit the fries with some of this homebrew rub.......
All American eats on a major eve for our country.  
Hoping folks will say a prayer tomorrow before casting their ballot.


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14 hours ago, Jack 101 said:

Easy does it, Gentlemen, please.  Let's not loose sight of the fact that this is a forum devoted to outdoor cooking.  Plus, there is always The Cooler for non-cooking related content (still subject to the TOS/Guidelines, of course).


Plus you’ll end-up with people boring people with Canadian Politics.  It’s better to focus on food.  At least food unites people & brings people together.

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Since none of the posts followign the original post have anything to do with cooking and this thread was created in a cooking section of the forum, I am locking it down.  Political discussions are not allowed in the cooking sections of this forum.  I prefer that they not exist at all on this forum.


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