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Yang-ling & sides....super easy cook


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Before I even lifted a knife I knew tonight's dinner would be a home run with the tribe.



Reason being that a buddy at work brought me some of his excellent hash that folks go crazy over.  All I had to do was thaw it out and pour it over some rice....easy....done.....no work involved.       I'm not a big fan of hash but I have to say his is mighty good.



Already had some leftovers from yessaday so no work there, either.



So....what did I have to do ?


Cut up a smallish shicken and rub it down and try not to ruin it on the grill.  Easy.  Done.


Heck....I didn't even make up a batch of sauce, but used a bottle I had on hand of some that I've been waiting for the right time to use.  Today I was lazy enough to bust it open.

















Time to play with fire.     A chimney full of Kingsford blue bag is the perfect amount of coals to cook a heap of stuff in their little 18"  Smokey Joe....just about perfect for today's yardbird.

















Had the lower vent at full throttle and the top at 1/4 and dropped it on after brushing off the grate.



It took exactly two Yang-Lings and then it was time to flip the parts.








One more and it was time to sauce 'em up.















And a final 'un to serve it up.









Yessaday's mashed taters were reinvigorated with a dose of Colby Jack & cheddar.
















My bride thinks I'm a mad genius......and all I did was heat up some sides and put a knife to a shicken and toss it on some hot coals.





The real work was done by our grandparents and their grandparents who didn't have the luxury of microwaves & supermarkets.



I'm just a dude that is grateful for them paving the way.   They probably would scorn how I spend the free time saved....Yang-ling & football....I'll meet up with them one day and apologize. :rofl:

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