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KJCII & Vision M dual table

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Well as some of you seen I finally added a Kamado Joe to my arsenal.  With that it made the need for a double cooker table.  I began that journey Saturday and now all that’s left is to stain/protect the wood and in-lay the tile piece on the top.  It’s made from Pine, most screws were hid in pocket holes and everything is glued. You can see my helper doing some sanding too, she also does oil changes in the dragster lol. 


Pics to come once I get the cookers in their holes.





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So since a double table was easy enough and we were at our Florida house for Thanksgiving.  I decided to make a second one for the Vision S that we have there.  The wood matches nicely with our new back deck...they will be coming to stain/seal the deck Friday so I am having them stain/seal the table too.  Only had to make a few minor changes since I don't have a table saw at the house in Florida, but in all...it turned out nice.






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Yes, the notch is for the new hinge on it.  As for the pavers, I agree and that is why I only used smaller 3 x 2 3/4 x 7 5/8 "bricks" on the vision for height and 3 5/8 x 2 1/4 x 7 5/8 "bricks" on the KJCII so that there is still airflow beneath the grills...a cheaper way out of buying the $30 ceramic "feet".  The paver beneath the single vision was just a temp for measurement...it has since been replaced with the KJC's size bricks.

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