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Something different for breakfast

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On a trip to La Jolla, California a while back, I had a nice light breakfast of avocado on toast with a couple of runny yolk overeasy eggs. This morning my wife is out for breakfast with her sister and I am left to my own supervision. My wife brought home some Boudin sourdough bread which I find surprisingly good for store bought fare.  I also  had some nice ripe Hass avocados, which have a very creamy texture and wonderful flavor. Left on my own, I decided to try to recreate the dish I had enjoyed at our vacation hotel. I used Montreal roasted garlic and herb blend and a little dried oregano as seasoning.

I like my toast a little on the dark side. 




My big fat thumb broke one of the eggs so my dish is not exactly what I was going for, but it tasted very close to what I remember.


With a nice cup of dark roast this is a wonderful breakfast. 


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That looks delicious.  I definitely will have to try that out.  I have a Brioche, mushroom, bacon, and poached egg combo that I absolutely love and this would be a nice addition to the "brunch" menu in my head.

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