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G'day from Canberra, Australia

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Hi all,


Glad to be part of this forum. I'm a IT Consultant from Sydney Australia and moved to Canberra about 5 years ago.

Was inspired to get a smoker / charcoal grill thanks to a buddy of mine in Indianapolis. When I visited him a couple of years back, he cooked up a fantastic rack of ribs, pork but and some chicken in his Webber Smokey Mountain.


I got my first Kamado this week (Kamado Joe Classic II) and fired it up for the first time yesterday for its inaugural cook.  Reverse sear tomahawks inspired by John's approach (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWKr3JHPGTI). 


Turned out perfect. My wife said it was the best steak she had ever had.
Had too cook it a little bit over medium (as my wife is pregnant and doctors orders on consuming rare meat) and yet it was skill like butter.

I also got my hands on a new thermometer (https://meater.com) worked like a charm. Happy to share my findings with this unit as I use it more. Next planned cook is baby back ribs for my wife's birthday in two weeks and then a Turkey for Christmas Day.


Hope everyone is well and enjoying their grills.









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