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Mr. KK has been in a stew mood. It just feels right this time of year I guess. He set off on a mission to put together a beef stew today. And I set off on a mission to make the Pao de Queijo that John posted about yesterday. This came together quite nicely and went well together. 


Super easy to put together and only a few ingredients. The hardest part is finding the tapioca flour. 










Meanwhile the stew was ready after simmering all day. The house smelled wonderful. 




Mr, KK had a hearty dish and ended up dunking the cheese bread bites in his stew. 




This was so good.... so very, very good. Definitely doing the Pao de Queijo again. 

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1 hour ago, shuley said:

Is that the delicious cheese bread you get in Brazilian steak houses? If so, they are amazing.  I gotta get the recipe. 


Why yes, yes it is that delicious cheese bread you get in Brazilian steak houses. Prepare to be wowed. It is super easy.  I followed the recipe link in John’s post.  


I did these at the in-laws Christmas Eve and they were a huge hit. 



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