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It tasted like it looks.

Spached the bird, scored the skin,

1 day in a brine out of a bid red wine , juce from 2 oranges, pepper, salt ,  star anis, gloves, bay leaves, some tyme,

Take it out the brine, 

Dry the duck skin side up over night, in the fridge.


Fire the Joe indi. to around 300,

I added a little salt and pepper to the bird, as I don't like the brine to salty.


I had the bird in one hour than used the

Thermapen to puntcer the skin to let out the fett.

Turned the the duck around and left it for another 30 min., took it out foiled it.

Took  out the pan ( you just got around 100ml duckfett, can be used for frying potatoes.........).

Fired the Joe slowly up to 400- 450,

After 30 min. Foiling, went the duck glaced back on the grill for the final 


For the glace I used juce from halve an orange, some bbq sauce, plum jam, some bbq rub, simmer it down,


Rested for another 10-15 min before carving the bird.


All the bones were used for stock, and are now the bace off a pumpkin soup.








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It was a little crispy, not the 3 star peking duck style crispy, but tasty.

Maybe next time I'll let the duck in prob. 15 min. Longer with low temp. , than take out the deflector and take the heat for crisping higher,

But then I have to use less sugar in the glace, and that glace was awesome,

So it's alwasy a tradeoff.



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