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Hello from Belgium


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Hey everybody,


New member from Belgium here. Just a quick introduction:

I'm 31y old male, married and have 2 little boys running around the house. I've been passionate about BBQ's and grilling for as long as I can remember but discovered smoking only a couple years ago when I bought an second hand Oklahoma Joe Offset smoker. That BBQ kicked my ### for over 6 months until I finally got the hang of it and since then I've used it about 1-2 a week for cooking most anything. 

Couple months ago I did a cooking workshop on a Kamado Joe because I wanted to find how different cooking on a kamado was from my offset and the kamado didn't disappoint. The guy also had a Blaze Kamado sitting there and I felt so in love with the Blaze that I told him to contact me if he ever wanted to sell it. 2 weeks ago he ended up contacting me and I felt like I won the lottery. Been cooking on my new second hand Blaze for the past couple of days now and I'm pretty sure that I dream about cooking on it as well.

I found this forum because I wanted to get some tips, tricks and maybe share a few myself. L&S cooking is something unheard of for most Belgians so it's often hard to get some decent info, even butcher shops often have no clue what I'm talking about. :)

I'm on Instagram (scarfmace) if anybody wants to follow me.



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Thx for the kind words, I'll try not to forget but usually I'm so excited to start eating I forget to take a picture :P if I remember to take a picture, I'll be sure to post it :).


Last summer I did a Lamb Asado and made a little GIF about it though, here it is:


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