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Prime Rib

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Can't help you on the time since I cook by temp. However, if you finish early

you can wrap the roast in foil and towels then put it in a cooler to hold till time

to carve. If running a bit late, pour another glass of wine or martini for your guests.

Works for us.




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Sounds great, I'm going to attempt sous vide on this boneless prime rib for Christmas dinner.  Going to do a quick sear.  I seasoned with salt and pepper blend, essentially Montreal steak seasoning with some rosemary for a holiday touch.  All previous ones I have done played out similar to how you described above except I used a fresh herb butter compound on them.


We'll see!



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PR is actually a pretty simple cook. The meat however is pricey so  when I did my first one, years ago, I was a bit nervous as well. The worst thing you can do is overcook it, it will still be good but probably not a good as you want. I cook mine indirect at 350 with a remote probe and pull at 120 IT and let it rest and come up about 128 IT. I slather mine with yellow mustard and then sprinkle the rub ontop of that for a nice crust. (no real mustard taste when cooked)

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On 12/5/2018 at 7:34 PM, keeperovdeflame said:

I also use a garlic, sea salt based rub but throw in some crushed juniper berries and some fresh  Simon and Garfunkel  herbs over a brown mustard slather. ( no noticeable mustard taste, it just acts like a glue for the seasoning and helps form a thick crust) I think I'll try your wrapped dry marinade technique this year.  

What about this kind of mustard for the binder? I have been tempted but haven't tried it yet. 


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