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BBQ Chicken on a can


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Made a little stop at the local butcher shop yesterday and picked up a 2kg chicken.


Rub: salt - pepper - turmeric - chilli - origano 


You might notice the 'boobs' on the chicken breasts, these are actually lime parts that I filled with butter. They are placed between the meat and the skin and the butter mixes with the limejuice and enters the breasts to give them a nice full taste with a little acid kick.  Also, I kept the can empty, so no Coke Zero was involved.


Sides where simple: grilled carrots and sweet potatoes that I cut in Julienne with red onion.


Homemade bbqsause to finish








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interesting with having the can empty. I always put something in mine (even if it's just water with some of the dry rub thrown in)... I figure the steam coming out of the can helps keep the bird moist.

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