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Finally upgraded to a Large BGE


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Congratulations on the new Large Egg, I cook on one as well. I can tell you from experience that your going to enjoy cooking on it. From one Egg Head to another, 1. Make sure you save and protect all your purchase information and invoices (Make a file and keep it where you can find it and not loose it, you will need that stuff should you have a warranty claim) 2. Call or Email the Mother Ship in Atlanta and register your Egg. You will need the number stamped inside the kettle, so write it down while your Egg is still white and you can read it.  Bruce the guy who does warranty work is a great guy IMO, although in the  5 years I have had my Egg,  I have never had an issue of any kind.  "Same to You" Happy cooking my friend. 

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3 hours ago, Burntweenie said:

What's your opinion on BGE lump? I don't know if I just got a bad bag but I have gotten  a lot of little pieces in my first 3 cooks.


Lump charcoal should not be judged by how big or small the pieces are.  That is the biggest bunch of HOGWASH I have ever seen.  It reminds me of how companies sell digital cameras.. it's all about more megapixels.  It's not a gauge of how well the camera works of of the quality of pictures it makes.  


I have never cooked with the BGE branded charcoal but I have burned a LOT of royal oak.. the company who makes and packages the BGE branded charcoal.  I have never had any issues with it.  It was my GO TO charcoal for a long time.

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