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Georgia Special Sausage and Grits w/ Shrimp


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On 12/9/2018 at 8:05 AM, ckreef said:

Yesterday I was walking through Walmart (Yea I know - LOL) and they had one of those cooking stations setup. I almost never try the food at those stations but there was two old ladies urging me to try some sausage. We hadn't eaten lunch yet and I'll admit I was a bit hungry at the time so I walked away chewing on a piece of sausage they had cooked. 


Turned out it was pretty good sausage. We were already planning on having shrimp and grits for dinner so why not add some sausage. I cooked the sausage and shrimp  in a wok basket on the 16" KK. Meanwhile Mrs skreef cooked the grits and made a spicy tomato cream sauce. 


Grits with melted Asiago cheese in a pool of the tomato cream sauce with grilled sausage and shrimp. A quick and easy meal that tasted delicious. 



Looks like one fine meal. I also tried some sausage from Walmart while I was in El Paso. Earl Campbell's hot links. Love Earl Campbell. The sausage, not so much. I'm going to assume I got a 'bad' batch.


One other thing: Have some stone ground grits, my wife brought back from lower 'Bama. It recommends chicken stock in addition to the heavy cream. Hadn't seen that before. very interesting


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