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Big Boy in the Backyard

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@mike echo


I have a similar story or two. A deer ran into the side of my wife's car years ago. Hit right behind the driver door. Put a dent the size of a basket ball in the body. I had one cross the road while driving and I caught him out of my left eye just as he was coming at me, just to see him in my mirror leap over the trunk of the car and keep on going. 


Crazy. Like keeper said. Fall they go nuts!

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One more. Hit a grouse doing 70 with my pickup. Hit the front of the hood. Bounced up the top of the hood and hit the windshield (smashing it) and over the top he went. Dented up the front of the hood and top pretty good. That one scared the crap out of me because it came out of nowhere. 



Crazy. Glad everyone is OK.  

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13 hours ago, mike echo said:

The topic is usually car hits deer or some animal.


Visualize this:

A deer flushed from some brush, next to the road, by a passing train,  in Erskine, MN,  ran into the left front of my wife's car. Damage was to the left front from the impact of the deer. The deer ran off. Her cousin (a deer hunter) searched and never found the animal. Must have been a brute. 


The commonality being any contact with a deer or whatever animal and a vehicle results in damage to the vehicle.





This pretty accurately describes my incident. It all happened in a flash, but I slammed on the brakes and tried to steer around her. If she'd have just kept going in her chosen direction everything would have been fine, but at the last instant she turned toward me and took out my passenger side headlight and fender.

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I knew a guy that hit a moose up in Maine, he was in the hospital for something like 4 months recovering. The white truck turned red, and it looked like someone had taken an excavator and just ripped everything higher than the hood off of the truck. It was insane.


I've never been driving when i've hit a deer, but ive been a passenger twice.

The first, was in my fathers BRAND NEW (98 miles) car. We actually were stopped as the buck stood in the road, and he bolted directly into the car and tried to run up the hood/side, needed new front quarter panel, new driver door panel, new mirror, new rear driver door panel, and his antlers gouged the hood, and that was from him running into the car, not us hitting him. Car was in the shop for a month.

Second time, was going duck hunting, and a doe just bounded in front of us, and we hit it with the suburban, old style with the flat front, just cracked a piece of plastic, but broke all four of her legs. We had to dispatch her on the side of the road, then we went hunting and shot a limit of mallards. It was an interesting day.

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