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John Setzler

Man Cave Ugly Drum Smoker Part 3

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thats going to be a very nice smoker, Mr Setzler...


i made a drum smoker several years ago using a kit from someone i am not sure if i can mention..


its the opposite of Little Momma


great kit, well worth the $100 for it...


i still have the drum, but i CANNOT keep it from getting water in it when it rains despite being elevated AND 2 covers... i think it splashes and comes in thru the intake holes...


i have cooked the CRAP out of it and it needs new pieces, but i think i am going to retire it since i have the Primo... i cant think of any reason to keep it...


i DID enjoy it though... its time to retire the old girl... if i can figure out how to post a photo, i will...


very custom, very ME

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