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Just sold another Kamado Joe Classic


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I have sold so many of these grills I should ask Bobby Brennan for a commission!


My sister and BIL were over from Australia in June and had never heard of these grills. After a week with us and every evening meal coming off the KJ, they just sent me an email telling me about their new Kamado Joe Classic II. 


I hope they join in here once they get started. 

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A year or so back I was touting my KJ Classic and Jr. and about how much I used them with some folks at work. One guy jumped on a deal on one of the BJ's @ a Road Show. Now his freezer is packed with stuff that he..........well, actually his wife...cooks. She LOVES the thing and is always looking for something else to cook on it. He's been looking at a Jr for some smaller weeknight cooks.

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