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Pizza tonight

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Third pizza cook tonight on the new Kamado Joe. Used Antimo Caputo 00 Pizzeria flour for the first time.

Did a 50/50 with bread flour and followed 24 hour dough recipe. Total game changer on the crust. Also cooked

hotter between 650 and 700 degrees.Cooked it about 7 minutes.


Pizza was a mix of baby portobello and shiitake sauted with garlic , fresh rosemary and thyme.

Base of the pizza of a combination of aged havarti and of fontina cheese , topped with mushroom

mixture and finished with drizzle of white truffle oil. 


Turned out great and tasted awesome 




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Wow, my kinda of pie. I love Fungi pizza and that is a fine example. I also like and use a blend of baby Bella and shiitake, your cheese blend sounds delicious as well. I have started spreading cream of mushroom soup over my dough and then putting the sautéed mushrooms with garlic and oil on top of that. Adds another layer of mushroom flavor. Fine Cook Sir, I would definitely enjoy a slice of that. 

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