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Thermoworks Smoke


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Hey Guys,


I feel there must already be a review out there about the Thermoworks Smoke but I can't seem to find it right away so here goes mine:


The smoke is a 2 probe permanent thermometer which means you can read 2 individual temps on the same base console (for instance pit and meat).


In the standard package, you get a meat probe and an ambient temp probe. Neither one of the probes are fast but they are very accurate if you leave them in long enough. (I have used them as a replacement for a pop reader and it can take up to 20 secs before you get a decent read so that's not really ideal). They are well build and easy to clean, the cables are braided steel, I have been told that they don't like to be pressed between lids but on my Oklahoma I had no other option and they never broke or gave me the Idea I was getting false readings. Thermoworks calls them pro-series probes and they are not exaggerating in my opinion.



The base console is wireless and operates on 2 AA batteries. over the course of the past 2 years I've used for over 100 cooks and only last month did I have to replace the batteries for the first time (I sometimes even forgot to turn off the unit and found it giving me outside temp readings the next morning). It is IP65 Splash proof and can easily stay out in the rain without issue. Never had a foggy screen or anything. The back has 2 little magnets that makes it very easy to stick to a lot of surfaces. (I stick it to the door of my oven and it works perfect without falling off). It also has a little back stand which is a nice extra. The unit can give you 2 individual reads if you pop in 2 probes and either read can be limited with an alarm. say you want an alarm to sound when your meat is done at 203°, you but an upper alarm in on the meat probe. If you want your pit to stay between 130° and 160° you can set that up easy and have an alarm warn you when it gets to hot or cold. You can also buy a second meat probe and measure 2 meats instead of the ambient temp probe. The ease of use for setting up the alarms is incredible, you don't even have to look at the manual to understand what you have to do. The entire thing can be backlit for a couple of seconds so you don't even need a flashlight for the night cooks.


Finally, the unit comes with a remote that can let you monitor everything from your sofa. The unit also gives an alarm and also has a backlit function. The connection is made trough IR and not Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so range should be excellent and setup is a lot less hassle. The remote has a couple of downsides though. If you stop the alarm from going off on the remote, the base unit will still be going at it so you still have to run over just to stop the alarm (and fix the temp or remove the meat). Another issue I had with the remote is that I got nothing near the distance advertised by Thermoworks which resulted in me basically never using the remote at all.  


But there is more


I've bought my smoke in pre-order 2 years ago in August. At the time the unit was not Europe certified yet and upon my order, I got a nice email warning me about this. I accepted the risk and bought it anyway. My unit arrived and upon using it for the first time, I noticed I have a very limited connection between base unit and remote. I wrote to Thermoworks about it and they told me exactly how to set up a new connection between the two. Still didn't solve my problem and I decided to drop it, I didn't even think about it until a couple weeks ago, I visited their website and saw they now had the unit certified in Europe as well (and offered different color options besides gray). I wrote them a follow-up mail asking if there was a firmware update or anything I could do and this is what they wrote back:


Hi Wim,


It sounds like this has been a problem since you purchased your Smoke. I appreciate your patience through this process. While you are about a month outside of the two-year warranty, you have had this problem since you were in that period. 


If you can verify your current shipping address, I will have a replacement Smoke tested and shipped out for you today. I will verify the range/RF is working properly before it ships.


Please let me know if you have any questions.



This type of customer dedication is unheard of in Europe and I can say nothing more than keep it up Thermoworks, you guys and your products rock!


So overall:


+ Build quality

+ splash proof

+ accurate

+ great customer service

+ long battery life

+ easy setup

- The probes are not wireless

- The wifi module is sold separately and quite expense


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Yes, ThermoWorks  is top shelf. Upgraded from a Maverick 732.  I have one of the early Smoke models. Had a couple of glitches.


The round on/ off button on the receiver is super sensitive. When I store it, a slight bump will turn it on.

The fold out stand on back of the transmitter is not very robust. Mine broke early on after a very slight drop of a some burger on top of the unit. I bet I could call CS and they would rectify. No need.


Nothing mentioned was a show stopper. I would purchase or recommend many times over, Smoke or any of their products. I think this is an opinion widely held in cooking circles.

Oh one more thing. I have always gotten a pack of jelly beans sent with my order.:good:






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On 12/20/2018 at 5:00 PM, mike echo said:


Oh one more thing. I have always gotten a pack of jelly beans sent with my order.:good:







Yea and they're Jelly Bellies :)


Almost makes you want to buy another unit just to get more Jelly Bellies. 


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This is a Smoke Probe Question:


By accident I ordered a water proof needle probe with a nylon cable. They say it is good to 500, but should not come in contact with your grates. Anybody use one of these on a kamado. It was my mistake, and I think I will keep it, but just wondering how long it will last with regular grill use. It will go through the gaskets but won't generally touch the grates or metal ?

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