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Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

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   Used to love my sous vide steaks before trying the reverse sear method.

Anyone else bail on the sous vide method after the reverse sear?

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  We generally go with N.Y. strip or T-Bones when it comes to steak.

We've found that you get a lot more flavor from the reverse sear than with the sous vide.

   Not that sous vide doesnt still have a spot in our cooking repertoire but reverse sear has pretty much replaced the sous vide for your basic steak.



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This is a Prime 1¾-inch New York cut from Costco.  It was rather heavily seasoned on both sides with SPG.

The steps–

  1. Smoked as low as possible for an hour
  2. Sous vide for two hours at 130°
  3. Pan browned on the kitchen range over MMH heat (6 on a scale of 10)

It didn't seem to be as dark and seared as the photo shows.  It was more of a dark brown.  We don't like black char, we just try to brown the exterior for appearance and the Malliard flavor.


A much better steak than a typical steakhouse.


BTW, I tried to brown it with a Searzall.


This thing.  What a joke!  It takes forever.  Use a heavy pan for browning.



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