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Pastrami Dry Rub

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Pastrami Dry Rub


This is a slightly different take on typical rub for pastrami.  This rub is very pleasing to the nose and the tongue.  It's earthy, citrus-y with a nice pepper flavor.


Blend together:


4 TB course black pepper

2 TB garlic powder

2 TB onion powder

1 Ts ground Marjoram

1 Ts ground Cardamom

1/2 Ts ground thyme


Prepare your meat according to your favorite method (brine or use a corned beef).  Allow the meat to dry out a bit until you get a tacky feeling on the surface before you apply the rub.  Once applied put the meat in a vacuum bag, seal and place in the fridge for a day or 2.  Smoke it according to your favorite recipe or @225f until you reach an internal temp of 185-190f.

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