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PartyQ sadness..

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My one year old PartyQ (got it for Christmas last year) glitched out this morning..

I was setting up to cook some BB ribs, replaced the batteries and lit the fire and was adjusting the temp control buttons when the readout started to jump around, from 450 to 150.

Then it started to display the dreaded blank readout screen.

Thumping it brought it back once or twice but that's all folks, she's kaput.

Just for fun I left a message with the BBQ Guru folks, but I'm not expecting much.



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You might want to consider a Rock's Stoker to replace it.  I've used mine for several years to control the airflow (and, therefore, the temperature) of my drum smoker and my kamado.  It offers real-time pit and meat graphing that's kinda' useful and it can simultaneously control more than one cooker.


It usually produces spot-on temperature control.  I don't think that's very important from a food quality perspective (I cook by internal temperature), but it helps time the entrée so it finishes with the sides.

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