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steak locker

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Does anyone have any experience with the Steak Locker

I know the kickstarter had its problems but now that its out and has been around for a few years(I am assuming since 2014) that any bugs are fixed.

Unfortunately, there is not to many reviews that I can find on it and only about 5 you tube videos and 4 of those should have been made into 1.


There are other options available but space in our kitchen fridge is not going to be an option .  buying a stand alone fridge and modifying it to a diy dry age locker may be an option but I am not to sure how you would exactly control the temp and humidity in those.


in the Steak Locker,  it has controls where you can set the temp and humidity and that would be a plus for me and that is where my concern is.  How accurate are their controls.  if you set the humidity to 70% can you be assured that is where it is going to stay?  That is what I can not find on any of the reviews I been reading(what few there is)

I know $1500. is a lot of money but so is a Kamado or any quality bbq

 So if anyone has any personal experience with one I would appreciate you sharing your thoughts


Thank you


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