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Well, it’s that time of year. The day when myself and Mr. KK celebrate another anniversary of being legally bound to tolerate each other. 


Today we set aside the gifts and other regalia (actually, there are never gifts and regalia) to challenge each other to a duel. A rib duel. Myself cooking on the kamado and him on the pellet grill. 


Off to a great start. 






Mr. KK later added some maple sausages to have for his breakfasts this week. 




I put some peppers and an onion on for baked beans. 




After a couple hours I chopped the peppers and added them to some Bush’s Vegetarian Baked Beans (my favorite) along with some bacon.




Everything coming along nicely.  Put a tray of store bought mac and cheese on his grill. 







Chopped up the onion and added in to the beans at the end. 


Ribs are still on the KK. I think they need a bit more time. We had the pellet grill ribs for dinner and they were great. The husband took a couple of ribs of each to a neighbor to judge. He came out on top... but mine needed just a little more time. At least that’s my excuse. And the neighbor was his childhood pal. So I am blaming that as well.




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Thanks, everyone!  Once they were done, the kamado ribs were the winner for us.  The beans were really good.  I usually sauté the onion and peppers and bacon first, but I didn't feel like getting my cooktop dirty.  So I threw them on for some smoke instead.  The onion got chopped up and went in at the very end.  I meant to make coleslaw and forgot.  I will do that for the leftovers I suppose.  

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