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Baby back attack


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Trying out some different finishing sauces this weekend. Used meatchurch honeyhog as a dry rub and the following - 


1. Brown sugar butter and honey in a foil wrap

2. Bullseye bbq sauce

3. My own whiskey / honey / soy / ketchup glaze

4. Just left dry


corn and champ (mash with green onions and white pepper) on the side


might be biased but number three won out. Felt the honeyhog was nice but needed a bit more pop. Will go back to the holy gospel next time and try the whiskey glaze. 


Shout out to joe jr. 






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You know I didn’t even measure properly but it was roughly half a cup of honey, half a cup of whiskey (bushmills), a teaspoon of soy sauce, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, a teaspoon of tomato purée and a tea spoon of tomato ketchup. Brought slowly to the boil and reduced until it had a much thicker consistency. Loved it. 

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Nice looking ribs.  I agree on the Honey Hog.  Hot Honey Hog a little better but still missing the mark for me.  We like a ribs dry to the rub is key.  Don't think I will refill the Hogs when they are gone.  We keep trying different rubs but always come back to Cowtown Squeal.  Can be tough to find, Amazon has it but price is a little high.  We have had some luck finding it at Bass Pro Shops.  Many have a nice rub selection in the camping cooker area.

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Back at it this evening for playoff football.


Went honey honey hog and holy gospel mixed as it’s all I have currently. Rub variety not the easiest to come by in Ireland. Glazed the lot with my whiskey glaze mentioned above and stuck some wings in for good measure. 


Gonna crank the heat here after the wings are sauced and grill them to finish. 


Joe jr is my hero. 





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