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Hi all


After a very long time of reading reviews, comparing prices, and saving money, I've finally bought a KJ Classic (see picture).

I am based in Switzerland, where upper grade meat cuts are very expensive, so I'd love to learn more about cooking cheaper cuts of meat. 

Here's a random selection of thoughts I have so far:


1. Some of my favourite meals ever included hot smoked razor clams and octopus. Would anyone have an idea where I could find more info on this forum about this?

2. I do have some very specific questions, e.g.: when cooking burgers on a cast iron griddle, does the fire provide a significant amount of taste, as compared to a stovetop? How should I go about finding more information? Is it ok to start a new threat and ask directly?


Looking forward to learning from this community




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Welcome aboard and congrats on your purchase!!


In regards to posting, I would  use the search feature to see if there are any posts you can reference but if you can't find anything, open a thread and fire away!  Our community is pretty awesome so you should get some feedback pretty quickly.


For octopus and clams, I'd use the search feature as well or you can go to the seafood section and search in that forum as well.  On the burgers, everyone's tastes are different so what may be "a lot" for me may be "can't taste it" for you.  Try the burgers on the regular grills and do a taste test.  The CI griddle is nice for searing steaks, smash burgers, and a million other things.  Best about about your grill is the accessories and the options you have for making some delicious food!


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Welcome, glad to have you and your Joe with us. A big tip when figuring out what to cook on your Joe is that it is more like a charcoal fired convection than just a BBQ or Smoker. You can cook pretty much anything on your kamado that you can cook in a kitchen or commercial oven. Than opens a whole wide world of recipes. Anything cooked on a kamado, however,  will have that wonderful woodsy charcoal flavor and be unique in it's taste. As far as Octopus and Clams go check out these recipes. IMO Greek seafood and seafood from the Med in general is a cut above. Happy Cooking and enjoy your new Joe and the forum conversation as well.








A hint with these recipes is that cooking  on a kamado you can add smoke flavor to anything you cook. However seafood is quite a smoke sponge in that it picks up smoke flavor readily. When I smoke octopus, clams, and mussels.  Sometimes I use just the flavor of my lump charcoal, when I actually use wood smoke, I use a very light wood in very small quantity. Something like alder or peach. Since the flavor of your seafood is delicate and unique you want it to shine through and be enhanced but not overpowered by any  smoke flavor you add. Sometimes I will throw fresh herbs onto the fire, something like dill, rosemary, thyme, garlic,  provides a nice light some flavor and contains aromatic oils. 

( I used to do all kinds of seafood  cooks quite a bit when I lived by the ocean in California, now living in the mountains of  Arizona, a good 7 or 8 hours from the ocean,  getting quality seafood is not very common)



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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new Kamado Joe.  You are the first member I've seen who set up their grill inside the house!  Best of luck rolling it outside for your first cook.  

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Welcome! My brother lives in Switzerland and acts like he cannot afford hamburger beef, but seems to always have fantastic hams on hand. 


There is a lot of fantastic advice on this forum, and seemingly at least one great recipe for any cut you can imagine!

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