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Tis the season...sorry Northerners

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  Wont be long now fellow Southerners!!!!

Crawfish season is upon us!!! Supposed to be a banner year for the little crustaceans!!!



    As far as I'm concerned this date is far more important than my Birthday,of course I try not to call attention to those these days with my advanced age, or December 25.

It's like opening hundreds of presents in one sitting!!! Each a delectable present to the Palate!!!

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16 minutes ago, Tex said:

Gonna try and beat my sixteen lb. record this year!!

And thats sucking the heads!!  The flavor nuances in the head that come from properly cooked Crawfish is indescribable!!! 

   Pure heaven!!!!




Place the backside of the head to your lips and crush the nose of the head to break the vacuum and draw out the innards.

    The best part is actually the pancreas which along with the boil is heavenly!!! It's the yellow stuff that is more prevalent in the early season so dont wait!!!

To all you poor northerners? You can order them online and have em shipped alive....you wont be sorry.


Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!

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On a side note:

If you do try these delectable crustaceans order at a minimum two lbs per person,some small red potatoes and corn on the cob,all of which goes into the boil. And for some really Cajun taste toss in a half dozen heads of garlic, they become like paste which you squeeze over garlic bread,or straight into your piehole. Most of us prefer six lbs of crawfish per person.

As for sides make some red beans and rice and for desert make some bread pudding with whisky sauce.  


   If any of y'all are interested in the in's and outs of the total cook I'll be glad to answer any questions.

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