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Help. Ribs and wings timings

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Need some advice. Have a few guys coming tomorrow night for the colts chiefs playoff. Intending to do four racks of baby racks (can do these coiled and skewered) on the jr for 3-4 hours and want to do some wings too. 


Any thoughts on the best way to have everything ready at the same time? Was thinking start the wings in an oven and raise the joe jr temp for a final push when the ribs come off (and foil them).


May even be able to put the wings around the rib flower for the last hour (space permitting) and get them started at 225 then crank it. Also appreciate thoughts on direct or indirect for the wings as haven’t done them yet on the joe. 


I am aware the better solution would have been to get a bigger joe ha!

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Similar to what others have said, wrap the ribs in foil and place in a cooler with the empty space being taken up by old towels (or beach towels if you don't have junk towels).  This acts very similar to a cambro in catering, which keeps food hot for hours.


I'd then cook the wings.  They'll probably take an hour with heating the grill up.

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Thanks everyone. Was probably a little late posting for such a soon upcoming cook. But did pretty much what you all have said. 


Actually managed to start the wings around the ribs for the last hour of the rib cook, took them off and sauced, cranked the jr up to 400 for a quick grill. Ribs stayed warm foiled in the oven. 


Turned out great. Always learning. Appreciative of the support of this site. 




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