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New Kamado Joe Cart

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A local shop that was clearancing out everything had one. I tried to buy it for 75% off but they said they would take it to another store instead. 


They seem very nice and are priced accordingly. 


Edit to add: I was personally undecided at 75% off, not because of quality, but because I would rather eventually do my own built in. My wife was all about the KJ cart.

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My understanding is that it's $1,000 for one for the Classic.

On 1/12/2019 at 1:47 PM, coolpapabill said:



Thanks , was worried about them being overpriced if they were not built real well.

I like the design a lot. Plus living in New Mexico the dry climate is very hard of wood,

so that is a big plus as well.

At $1,000 for the Classic-sized cart, I think it exceeds the target population's willingness to pay level.  It's like a Bentley.  It's probably worth it, but very few people with a need for one will pay that.

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