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Smokey, Sweet & Salty Brownies!

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In my never-ending quest to engage my childrens’ interest in cooking, we made some ribs & brownies from scratch last Sunday for football playoffs.


here are the brownies, we made them on our Traeger Timberline 850 using Traeger's Gourmet Blend Pellets (from Costco).  



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22 minutes ago, Scott Roberts said:

@freddyjbbq how do you like you stargazer cast iron, love mine and I ordered the 12in version recently! By the way the brownies are a special treat and cooking them on the grill ups that a few notches!!






Thanks Scott, i'm loving the Stargazer more and more each and every time i use it (and i use it a lot).  Its my first high-quality CI skillet and i haven't touched my others since i got it.  Definitely see more pieces in my future!





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