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Getting ready for the Game!

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Chuckie in the Dutch oven with, of course, Black and Gold Cajun rub!



went on at 9:45 at 305. At 150 or so i’ll Put it in the DO with taters, bell peppers, onions , maybe some mushrooms and a can of beef stock then let it go until probe tender.  Should be ready by pre-game time around 1:30. 

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20 hours ago, dman said:



covered and back on for a few hours. 


This ilooks Great!  I want to love pulled beef sandwich but always have to end up braising  to get tender enough to pull and the texture is more like pot roast.


18 hours ago, Panchango said:

Looking good. 


Despite my animosity towards the Saints for beating the Eagles, enjoy the game. :)


Youre looking at it all wrong, they should’ve lost to the bears the week before but got extremely lucky & got to play one more week 


11 hours ago, dman said:

I wonder how much the refs had bet on that game!


Closest-matched  and best NFC and AFC championship games we’ve seen in years, both games to overtime & both on the same day, very exciting.


I agree though, I was cheering for the saints because Im a Drew Brees fan (he’s a pro & a gentleman) saints definately lost the game because because of the refs, had nothing to do with them not scoring enough points lol



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46 minutes ago, dman said:

Oh well, another season done. I won't Know who to be for in the Super Bowl now. :evil:

hoping for a tie! :lol:


1.  That’s easy, Root for the Patriots, lol

2.   Super Bowl 51 Ended in a tie 

3.   Random fact: Tom Brady is so old, he’s the only player still on the team from the last time patriots - rams met in Super Bowl.   Very old player, odds are against him so if u like to root for an underdog like me GO PATRIOTS!!!!!

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