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Huge ribeye well done - ha

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I cut this from a whole roast earlier this year.  So big I just did one for the entire family.



 It was seasoned with salt and pepper before being frozen.  It was dropped in the water bath frozen.  It remained for 3 hours.





I fired up the Primo, put one grate in the lower position and let it rip on high.  Dropped the cooked steak on the grate for about 1 minute per side flipping 4 times total.  It was a crispy sear and extremely tender steak.





A very well done cook in my mind.

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5 hours ago, Panchango said:

I was going to be angry.... but that looks fantastic. 


It is a little over done though... :)


4 hours ago, retfr8flyr said:

You had me going for a minute there, well done indeed.

Thank you, I agree, a little more blood would have been fantastic but I'd take this any day over leather.  As I recall I picked up that ribeye roast for under $6 a pound.  Darn near the price of ground beef.  This is the best way I know to cook a thick steak well. :)

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