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Surf'n Turf with a Tater

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Ribeye steaks with Texas Swine Shine Beef, shrimp with Elk Creek Cajun Stinger and twice baked potatoes on a Weber 26.75” kettle and a medium Vortex wide side up.



Excellent meal, but neither of us could eat more than half a plate…makes for excellent leftovers!


Cooked to our preference…


Thanks for looking!

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4 hours ago, St1brew said:

It all looks awesome! Do people use the vortex much in Kamado grills?  Can I use one to do a reverse sear and cook meats without additional lump? 

Yes, we do have four kamado grills also and use a Vortex in our large and XL Big Green Egg. With the smaller kamado grills the fireboxes are to compact for a Vortex to fit and/or work efficiently. In the large Big Green Egg a Vortex can only be used narrow side up effectively, but this will still provide both direct and indirect cooking zones. In an XL BGE sized kamado it is a cooking tool everyone should have in their arsenal.... been using a Vortex in our XL BGE for 4 years and in my opinion it is a must.
If you have a Facebook account I have a group of Vortex owners that you can learn more about the product and not hear it just from me! 

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1 hour ago, MossyMO said:

Thank you, added to my wish list. Sometimes I feel guilty buying things for the grill, but then my wife seems to be more than happy when I cook with them she has yet to tell me I shouldn't have done that :)




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