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Some Simple Fish

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I bought a 3lb Salmon filet at Sam's Club yesterday.  I decided to portion it out into smaller pieces for multiple uses.  Today's cook was a couple filets pan seared in some lemon butter.  I salted/peppered both sides of each filet.  I preheated the pan on the grill and melted 4 tablespoons of butter.  After the butter started to brown a little,  I put the fish in.  After searing one side for about 5 minutes, I flipped the fish, added some lemon zest to the top of the fish, and then added about 4 tablespoons of lemon juice to the pan.  I spooned the pan sauce over the top of the fish several times as the cook finished.  I transferred the cooked fish to a dish and then poured the remaining pan sauce over the top... garnished with a little chopped parsley....







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Those fillets look great John. I buy what looks to be very similar size and  quality king salmon at Cost Co and cut into portions just as you have. It cooks up really great both fresh and  after being vac sealed and frozen. I have used a wide variety of methods, but have not  tried your pan seared in lemon butter. Going to be doing that soon.  Nice Cook, Sir. Love that little square Finex pan, makes for a fine presentation. . 

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