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The $15 Heat Deflector for AKORN Jr.

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I have a smokin stone for my AKORN Kamado, but wanted one for my AKORN Jr.. I found that not only are they scarce, but pricey too. From searches on the forums I did not really see a good solution, so I gave it a try myself to come up with one. Here is what I got:

Wally World has Lodge 10.5 inch griddles for $14.88.


Once out to the shop I cut the handle off. Just eye balled the cut off point to fit on the shelf in the cooker.


Went to the grinding wheel to eliminate the rough surfaces and then drilled holes in the handle and handle lip to hold the bolt, nut and lock washer.


Fit nicely in the cooker and was very stable.


You can remove the deflector with BBQ gloves or use the grill handle which fits nicely in the slot of the griddle handle.


Fired up the grill and seem to work just fine with some salmon fillets I did. 






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I hate waste of every sort. I just could not bear to throw that little handle piece away. That is when I kept wondering "How am I going to pick this thing up when it is hot?". There is a purpose for everything.

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